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Advancing The Machining and Tooling Industry


Selling your business is, for most people, a once in a lifetime decision. You’ve spent decades serving customers, increasing revenues, and investing in employees, so you need to know that selling is the right thing to do for everyone involved.

You can trust that Stelify's ethos is to help your successful business reach its full potential under your existing management team, and with our support. We won’t get involved in the daily running of the business unless you want or need some hands-on support.

We buy successful, profitable companies which are led by high-performing management teams, and then offer a range of support services to improve growth and profitability. Leaders are brought into Stelify's Operations Board, or if you’re ready to step away from the business, we’ll support your existing management team through the transition.


Our strategy is to buy successful companies then invest in them to improve growth and profitability. Some of that is – of course – financial investment, but we also invest our expertise and support where your company needs it most. All of our companies get access to our in-house experts and support functions, such as:

  • Business development support

  • First-class legal advice

  • IT systems support

  • Marketing for your business

  • Better procurement processes

  • Compliance advice

As well as this range of services, business leaders also benefit from regular meetings with other leaders of our Board. This peer network is an invaluable resource for problem sharing, building innovative solutions, or collaborating on multifaceted projects.

While this support structure exists to aid the growth of every part of the Stelify family, we don’t get involved in the daily running of businesses (unless it's needed). That’s why we’re different – we trust your management team to run your successful business, and are on hand to offer support where it’s needed.


We’re actively acquiring successful, well-managed, profitable companies in the Machine Tool industry. Whether you’re looking to sell because you’re ready to step away, or want to stay on in your leadership role to grow the company further, the criteria below are what we look at when deciding if a business is right for Stelify Capital Group.

Type of Machine Tool Businesses

  • Precision Machining, Custom Machining, Heavy Machining

  • Metal Stamping

  • Tool and Die

  • Injection Molding

  • Gear Cutting and Gearboxes

Industry Focus

  • Automotive; Defense; Aerospace

  • Healthcare; Energy; Mining; Automation

  • General Manufacturing; Heavy Machining; Capital Equipment

Financial Parameters

  • Have annual revenues above $2 Million

  • Gross Profits above 25%

  • Moderate to low revenue volatility

  • Historical trend of consistent and stable earnings growth

Key Business Characteristics

  • Have a strong, talented management team OR a strong, independent owner-operator who can train a capable individual to take over the reins of the business

  • Low customer concentration

  • Potential for growth organically and through complementary/synergistic acquisitions

If your business meets the criteria, contact us today!


Firstly, let’s be clear: if you approach us we’ll treat your inquiry with the strictest confidence.  Alternatively, we might approach you, and at this early stage, we’ll have a discussion to be sure we’re a good fit for each other.

If your company doesn’t quite fit with what we’re looking for, we’ll quickly let you know that, so you can move on in your journey to find a buyer.

If early conversations show we’re a good fit we’ll move ahead, assessing your business across a range of factors, i.e.

  • financial situation

  • management team

  • risk assessment

  • pipeline of work

We’d then be at the stage of agreeing on a deal that’s both competitive and realistic in terms of the current market conditions. After this, it’s onto the legal and financial part of the process, which can take some time to work through on both sides.

When the deal is right, you can be sure that we’ll act quickly and decisively to bring your business into the Stelify family.


Stelify's experienced team has successfully executed countless deals in a variety of sectors over the past few decades. That means that we have an unmatched wealth of expertise in making deals that work for everyone involved.

We speak to business owners every day, all of whom share similar concerns about the process of selling the company they have spent so many years building from the ground up. If you have questions, it’s likely they’ll be answered below, but if not please get in touch and we would be happy have a conversation.

If I sell to Stelify Capital, what will happen to my business?

Our strategy is buying successful companies and supporting them to become even more profitable. We want your business to realise its potential through our investment and support; we’ll support you in all the ways you need it, and then let you get on with the day job of growing the company. Should you want to step out of the business, we’ll work with you to provide continuity during a handover period. We absolutely do not buy successful businesses just to break them up, or come in and change everything that’s familiar to customers and employees. Your business is already successful, so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

We've already talked but now my circumstances have changed. Is the door closed?

Absolutely not. In recent months we’ve spoken to many potential sellers whose perspective has changed in the the new world, and who are now ready to sell where they weren’t previously. If we have already had a discussion but you just weren’t ready to sell, we always leave the door open. We are in the business of buying profitable, well-managed companies, and if the timing is right for both of us to make a deal, we’re keen to talk. Contact us!

How long will it take to complete the sale of my business?

There’s no set answer to this. Stelify will move quickly when the right opportunity is on the table, but there can be unforeseen delays. For example, many companies need time to gather the information we require; the legalities of completing the deal can also be complex and time consuming. Our advice is not to delay. If you’re considering selling your business, start the process today. If you are looking to retire in the next few years, now is the time to begin conversations. Get in touch while your business remains profitable and we’ll be able to assess its future potential really quite quickly.

Are your deals flexible?

Yes, absolutely. When we look to acquire a successful company, we aim to build a package that’s right for you and for us. That could mean there’s a staggered transition over the next few years; it could mean you want to step back immediately and hand over the reins to your competent management team. No deal is exactly like any other deal, and we’re open to ideas! Talk to us honestly about what would work for you, and we’ll consider if it works for us too.

Can I sell but stay in position?

Yes! When we buy any business we do so because it’s reached a certain level of success – and you, as the leader, are a critical component of that. Many sellers want to stay in position and become part of the Stelify Operations Board; others are seeking an opportunity to expand their role, perhaps to regional management level. We’d encourage that approach if you’re looking to future-proof your business through selling, but still have that passion to grow your company to the next level. Of course, if you do want to step away, we’ll look to make sure there’s a competent management team in place, and ask for a handover period that will ensure continuity for your customers and employees.

Will my business be held strictly to account?

Absolutely! Being part of a bigger group will mean that you’ll be held accountable for the growth and success of your business, but our in-house experts will support you if this is a new and unfamiliar processes. There are huge benefits to becoming part of the Stelify family, and we firmly believe that, with our support, each business will be able to realize its full potential.


Stelify Capital Group is in full acquisition mode and seeking to bring new companies on board. If you meet the criteria, and would like to have a confidential conversation about what a deal might look like, we’d love to talk to you.

We know that selling the business you’ve built is a once in a lifetime decision, and it can be a lot to consider. With our vast experience, we can guide you through the process, helping you to take your business to the next level of growth.